Thursday, December 29, 2016

{2016} Year in Review

2016 has been what I like to call a bi-polar year for Heinz and I with extreme high's and extreme low's. There have been multiple times where we just wanted to give this year our middle finger and say screw it but we managed to keep on moving forward and focus on the positives. It's been difficult to adjust to such variation in life but we are grateful for everything and realize that we are just too blessed to stress. 

Here are some of our highlight's from this past year:

Winter hikes

Back country touring 

Monument Valley

First 50K trail run

Golfing with Heinz's mom in California.

Alaska Trip

Hanging out in Richmond with my parents.

Summer hikes

Wallace's visiting Utah 

Antelope Island sunrise's

Celebrating 5 years of marriage at Snowbird.

Volunteering for She Jumps Wild Skills program.

Buying our first home.

Fall color's

Pop in visit with my second family in Cedar City.

First snow

Spending time with this guy.

A dip in the pacific ocean in December.

Huntington Beach

Mom's 69th Bday

First ski tour of the season.

Our Christmas tradition: dressing up like Santa and getting free lift tickets at Brighton Resort.

And ending our year doing the thing's we love.

Happy holidays and hoping for the best new year to come.