Wednesday, October 21, 2015

{PANAMA} Santa Catalina: Yoga. Breakfast. Beach. Storms.

September 30th:

After perusing the town from the day before, we happened to find a small yoga studio that was perched high on the hillside that had amazing views of the jungle and served a killer breakfast. We signed up to do a 90 minute yoga class and what an amazing treat it was. I don't do yoga regularly but this really made me want to start investing a bit more time into doing it. The positive vibes and meditation are wonderful. With a great stretch and a clear mind we headed down to the small cafe and ordered some food. It was a great start to our last full day in Santa Catalina.

After breakfast we headed back to oasis to surf, lounge, and soak everything that we could in. We ended up having an amazing experience surfing in a crazy rain storm. It was unreal. We surfed until we saw lightening, then called it quits. It was an incredible experience.

One of things I haven't talked about is the incredible lightening and thunder storms that we had every night on El Estero beach. I have never seen anything like it. It truly was a fantastic light show. An amazing experience to be right there in the thick of it. I will never forget those awesome moments of waiting for the lightening to strike and light up the deep, black sky. AMAZING!


So good we came back the following morning. Mmmmmmm.

El Estero beach
The view looking back at Oasis Surf Camp (OSC).

The clouds are rolling in on El Estero beach.

The grounds at OSC.

And it began to pour. Surfs up, lets GO!

Getting dark.
I didn't get any good shots of the lightening but I got something. This doesn't even come close to what we witnessed. What an incredible experience. 

I loved Santa Catalina and hope to be back one day.

Happy Trekkin'!