Tuesday, October 20, 2015

{PANAMA} Santa Catalina: Surfs Up

Morning sunrise - low tide on El Estero beach.

September 28th:

I was up early that first morning in Santa Catalina, naturally, so I walked the beach, took some photo's and just soaked in the morning light. It was amazing how drastic the tide is. In the morning there is so much beach, it's like you're walking forever just to touch the water. In the evening the tide is nearly hitting the fence that surrounds Oasis Surf Camp. A beautiful start in such a special place.

Settling into a routine at Oasis Surf Camp was easy. Amber, Jen, & I would wake up early, get some kind of workout accomplished (usually a short run or total body circuit or both), eat, and go surfing. Sometimes we would walk into town to get some basic supplies and check things out, but mostly our days were filled with surfing. It was amazing.

Since Jen and I were new to surfing we decided to take a surfing class which ended up being pretty useful as far as I'm concerned. It was fun to get some of the techniques down and get some formal instruction. After our lesson, the only thing we needed to do was practice. And that's what we did.
Jen and I were both hooked immediately, so it was awesome that we were going to be staying at Oasis for the next 4 days and do just that. Surf!

Cow's wanting to get their surf on to.

Jen and I with our instructor after our surfing class. Pumped!

One of my favorite shot's of me surfing. 

A big THANK YOU to Amber and Jen for capturing these shots of my surfing debut. (haha)

Happy Trekkin'!