Tuesday, October 20, 2015

{PANAMA} Santa Catalina: River Crossing

El Estero beach - where the river meets the ocean.

September 27th:

After a night in Panama City, Amber, Jen, & I hopped on a bus (a few actually) that eventually took us to Santa Catalina which is a very small and secluded beach town on the Chiriqui Gulf. Santa Catalina is known for it's fishing, scuba diving, and of course surfing. The whole goal at this point in the trip was to surf, surf, surf, and then surf some more. We had arranged to stay at Oasis Surf Camp located right on El Estero Beach in a small, private bungalow. What we didn't know was that there was a river to cross to get to Oasis Surf Camp and since we arrived during high tide we had to get a little creative to get our bags across without them getting drenched.

After looking out into the amazing ocean, we decided to rent a surf board and "shuttle" our gear over. We figured we might as well give it a try. It would either work beautifully or be a really funny story to tell. Either way we didn't want to sit around and wait for the tide to go down.
With surf board and luggage in hand, we changed into our swim suits, put all of our really important stuff (money, passports, camera's etc.) into dry bags and headed to the entrance point of the river. With one bag at a time, we were able to float all of our gear across without incident. 

We were stoked that our plan worked and now that we had a surf board for a few more hours we put it to good use and went surfing (well really Amber is the surfer and Jen and I were still learning, but it was awesome regardless).

The bus dropped us off  here and we walked a short ways (a little over a mile) to El Estero beach.

First look at the incredible beach.

The river crossing - Oasis Surf Camp is over there and we're over here. Hmmm.

Although the board we rented to get our gear across was pretty mangled, it did what we needed it to do.

We made it across the river with all of our gear. We managed to keep everything (but ourselves obviously) dry.

A look back at the spot where we rented the surf board to shuttle our gear across the river.

We made it! (Amber and I)

Our little blue bungalow-yup it was pretty sweet.
 Oasis Surf Camp, Santa Catalina. I would definitely come back here again.

Happy Trekkin'!