Tuesday, October 13, 2015

{PANAMA} Panama City

Morning sunrise shot on our run.

I'm back home in Utah from my travels in Panama and what an incredible trip it was. By far one of the best trips I've been on. I would say that Panama is in my top 3 of places to travel on my travel list thus far and I would go back in a heartbeat. The only real thing missing was Heinz (obviously) but it was great having a girls trip with two awesome travel buddies.

September 26th: 
I flew into Panama City on a red eye flight, putting me there in the early part of the afternoon. I was able to travel the last leg of my flight with one of my girlfriends (Amber), so it was great arriving in Panama together. Our other friend, Jen, arrived the day before so she was anxiously waiting for our arrival that afternoon. 

After checking into our hostel and getting settled, we (Amber, Jen, & I) wanted to take advantage of the time we had as we were leaving Panama City in the morning. We wandered the city streets, went into a really beautiful church, ate some really amazing gelato and then hopped in a cab and made our way to the Panama Canal. This is where things get a bit interesting for me...

Being distracted and excited to be with my girlfriends, I somehow left my camera in the taxi that dropped us off at the Canal. WHAT!!! I know, within the first 3 hours of being in Panama, I lose my camera. It was such an odd thing to happen because my camera is like my baby or wallet or whatever that is of extreme value so to lose it so mindlessly was beyond me. I looked at my friends and was like, take a lot of picture's for me, thinking I would be camera-less for my entire trip. Luckily after checking out the Canal (which was interesting and neat to see) we were able to find an electronics store which had little point and shoot camera's that would work. With my friends help, we bought the camera and we were on our way. Although it wasn't like my old camera, it was still a really good replacement and I was happy to have something to document my adventure's with. 

I felt super lucky that I lost my camera the first day and in a major city which meant that I hadn't taken a ton a photo's (yet) and since we were in the city our chances of finding a replacement camera where really good. The rest of our trip was spent in rural and rugged places that had the basic necessities but nothing even close to camera's or stuff like that. I felt so blessed that it all happened when it did and not at the end of the trip. It all work out in the end.

Happy Trekkin'!