Sunday, October 25, 2015

{PANAMA} Boquete

Views on our drive from Santa Catalina to Boquete.

October 1st-3rd:
From Santa Catalina, my friends and I arranged a car shuttle that picked us up (on the other side of the river) from Oasis Surf Camp and took us all the way to Boquete. It rained most of the way their and was pouring when we arrived typical for the rainy season. After a 5-6 hour (who's counting really) car ride we arrived at our hostel in Boquete safe and sound. 

Boquete is a small mountain town with various activities to do plus gorgeous views in every direction. It's a fairly simple town (bigger than Santa Catalina, but still small) known for it's local coffee farms and infamous hiking. Afternoon rain showers were a given. It was pretty much like clockwork with blue skies in the morning and torrential rain in the afternoons.

Hiking to the top of Volcan Baru is like a given when visiting Boquete (if your into that sort of thing) being one of the most popular hikes around, so naturally we intended on climbing to the top of the 11,000+ft. volcano. With the constant down pours and some other unexpected events that occurred, we made the decision not the climb the infamous volcano. This was my one real disappointment for the entire trip, but really it was the right decision for us. Safety first.

We spent most of our time running around town, going on bike rides (there will be a separate post for our bike ride adventure), checking out hot springs, eating great food, and doing a bit of shopping at the local open markets. Nothing fancy, just peaceful and relaxing (most of the time). I hope to be back one day and conquer that volcano. Some day....

Our "hostel". We actually had a private room. It was awesome.

Wood carvings were every where. They were beautiful.

Town Square

The first night we ate at this Peruvian restaurant just down the street from our hostel. Amazing food but cost as much I paid for the next several days meals.

Amber and Jen - Cheers to Boquete!

Shot by Amber Walker

Happy Trekkin'!