Wednesday, October 28, 2015

{PANAMA} Boquete: Bike Adventure

October 2nd:

While checking out the town of Boquete, my friends and I decided to go on a bike ride up into the mountains to check out some waterfalls. We had a couple of people suggest that we shouldn't bike and just take a taxi to the waterfalls because it would be too hard and challenging for us, but that made us want to bike even more. 

We headed out with over sized helmets on our heads and hopped on our Huffy mountain bike rentals that had seen better days, [mind you it was approaching noon by this time and the possibility of afternoon rain was extremely likely], and made our way to the mountains. It started out being a beautiful ride, checking out the scenery in new areas, it all seemed like a great plan. With gradual inclines wide bridge crossings, we made our way up the mountain. When we arrived at the first waterfall we were excited but also a little underwhelmed. It was beautiful but we wanted more. 

We continued on up the mountain to check out more waterfalls, enjoying the ride, taking pictures, and having a ball. And then light droplets of rain started falling. Nothing too heavy, but it was consistent. Within a matter of minutes we were in a down pour. I'm talking torrential rain, with parts of the road flooding and everything from head to toe soaking wet. We decided we should head back and on the way down, one of my friends took a fall and lost her brakes. Luckily she wasn't seriously hurt and kept on going. She was amazing. Since her brakes were shot, we took turns running with her bike the rest of the way. It became like a game to me and I tried to make light of the situation even though we were all at our wits end. We made it back safe in the end and now have a memorable experience that's attached to Boquete.

Amber and Jen (pre-rain storm)

Rock climbing walls.

Happy Trekkin'!