Saturday, October 31, 2015

{Everyday Life} October 2015

One of my favorite poets.

This month has been nothing short of a whirl-wind of amazingness topped with rainbows, butterflies and sparkly things. But seriously, it has been incredible.

For the first part of the month I was traveling in Panama with a couple girlfriends, which was an epic adventure in itself. When I got back home it was back to work and back to the grind full throttle. With work, trail running (I'm training for my first mountain marathon race), fall cleaning, organizing, photo taking, getting ready for Heinz to come home (he'll be back in a couple day's!!!) and working on my photography website (hooray I'm finally doing it), you could say I've been keeping busy this month. 

I'm so thankful for the opportunities that I've been given to travel, work hard, and take chances on my dreams. I am one blessed women.

Lone Peak Wilderness

Power: loaded omelet

Sports guide and nail painting

Road running - mountains are better, but it will do.

Staple dinner: chicken, broccoli, onions, & rice.

Lone Peak Wilderness: Box Elder Peak

Tibble Fork Reservoir: American Fork Canyon

Working hard on my new website. A sneak preview of what's to come...

A new work space.

An epic sunrise on one of my trail runs. Shot from the mid-mountain trail in Park City. 

Bare but not dead.

Snow making in full swing.

Happy Trekkin'!