Friday, July 3, 2015

{Zermatt, Switzerland} Food Is What We Saw

After many splendid days in Chamonix, we knew that the weather was turning and that our time was running out to see more of Switzerland, so we packed our gear up and waited for the next train that would take us to Zermatt. 

As we made our way up to the highly anticipated town of Zermatt, the weather went from bad to worse. What started out as a light rain drizzle turned into and all out slush-blizzard the higher we got into the mountains. At this point we knew that our tent wouldn't last an hour in these snow conditions, so we made yet another decision to change our plans and continue on to Lauterbrunnen. But before we left this epic mountain town of Zermatt, we decided to grab some lunch. If we couldn't see it let alone explore it, then why not eat. The food was just what we needed to turn our spirits around and make the long journey back down the mountain and on to our next stop.

I'm not going to lie, I was pretty disappointed that it was far from optimal conditions in Zermatt. It has been a dream of mine for a long time now to see and be among the Matterhorn, but that day was not our day and the future forecast wasn't looking good. I guess that's just part of it, weather changing so rapidly, specially when you're in the mountains. 

Picture's shot from inside the train.
Shot by Heinz

A nice spiced tea - good.

Salad and bread to share - really good.

Ham, cheese, and tomato crepe - the best!

See you next time Matterhorn, next time...

Happy Trekkin'!