Saturday, June 27, 2015

{Vallorcine, France} One Deserted Ski Bum Town

 A short train ride from Chamonix is another small ski bum town called Vallorcine. I imagine it being a hustling, bustling place during high ski season, but it was pretty much a ghost town when Heinz and I checked it out.

The quiet and simple life of some of these villages is really awesome. Life seems a bit slower, more relaxed, but still full of life and adventure. With nothing short of beautiful mountains all around, we were wishing we could have spent more time exploring this place.

As you can see it was pretty hard to find a seat on the train.

We found a shirt on the ground that said Costa Mesa, California on it (where Heinz grew up). Crazy, right?!

 I know I'm taking my sweet time with this trip recap. If you've hung around this far, you're amazing, really.  We eventually make our way back to Switzerland...

Happy Trekkin'!