Wednesday, June 3, 2015

{Les Praz, France} Camping Mer de Glace

Camping Mer de Glace

After meandering in Chamonix, we picked up a local city map from the tourist office and with our keen navigational skills (ha, ha) well maybe Heinz's, we made it to Les Praz without a hitch. Since it was nearly lunch time by the time we reached camping at Mer de Glace we knew we had a couple hours before we could get checked in. (You know that most Europeans take about a two hour lunch break. Man, now that's the way to do it). 

With time on our hands we walked through the very small "ski" town of Les Praz and oriented ourselves with the mountains and trail heads nearby. It is just what you would expect from a small town, a few shops, a church, and a golf course. Easy and simple.

After wandering the streets of Les Praz, we checked into our camp, which would end up being home for the next several nights. We hadn't anticipated on staying in Chamonix for as long as we did, but the weather was beautiful and the hiking was unreal. I could have stayed here the entire trip.

Camping at Mer du Glace was awesome! The owner's were super friendly, spoke English which helped us out; the facilities were top notch - very clean, and the camping was just what we wanted - wooded area, tree's, beauty and more. It was perfect. You could even get fresh bread or croissants delivered for your morning breakfast. How cool is that?! Like I said before, I could have stayed here the entire trip. Loved it here and would highly recommend camping at Mer de Glace to anyone and hope to visit again someday.

A quick stroll through town (Les Praz).

Happy Trekkin'!