Friday, June 5, 2015

{Hiking Chamonix} Montenvers Mer de Glace

Montenvers Mer de Glace

After settling into our campsite at Camping Mer de Glace, Heinz and I didn't want to waste anytime so we headed out to get some much needed hiking in. From where we were camping, we walked to the trail head of Les Bois that would lead us up to a mid-mountain Chalet, Le Caillet and then continue on to an awesome glacier, Montenvers Mer de Glace.

In France and Switzerland there are so many hiking signs and all of the trails are very well marked. It seems like it would be hard to really get lost. One thing that we were surprised to see was approximate times to each destination instead of an actual distance. Up until we did our first hike we weren't sure what we would be in for, but come to find out, we killed each time by a lot. It was great getting on the trails and into the mountains, exploring new territory.

After reaching our set destination, we tried to see if our Swiss Passes would allow us to take the train down to Chamonix, but that was a no go. Hello we're in France! No worries for us though. Instead of heading back down towards Les Bois where we started, we got on a trail that took us into the heart of Chamonix where we happily bought dinner for that evening.

Looking down at the mountain villages, Chamonix and Les Praz.

Heinz talking with the couple that lives in the Caillet during the summer. 

 Trail signs everywhere. If you get lost here you shouldn't be on the mountain. Ha ha But seriously, great signage.

Crossing the train tracks to continue on the trail. If you time it right you can see the train coming up and down.

Mountain hotel that is clearly not open at the moment.

Heading into Chamonix.
And we ended with blue skies.

Happy Trekkin'!