Wednesday, June 3, 2015

{Chamonix, France} Woke Up in a Whole New World

From left to right: Pointe Durier, Mont Blanc, Bivouac Vallot, Dome du Gouter
(Side note: I am kicking myself for not getting filters for my camera. As you can see the lighting was very harsh. Sa la vie.)

After a restful and much needed deep sleep in Hotel Le Chamonix, Heinz and I woke up to what felt like a whole new world. When we opened the window curtain to look outside, I couldn't believe what I was seeing. Sun, beaming brightly, azure blue skies, and the best part, the epic mountains of the French Alps that I have been dreaming about. Mont Blanc, Aigulle du Midi, Mont Maudit, and Dome du Gouter were the peaks that struck me first. I was speechless. There was so much to look at, it was amazing.

We wanted to take hold of this glorious day that we had before us so we quickly packed up our backpacks and checked out of our hotel room. We sat in the court yard just outside the hotel and had a quick breakfast of tortillas, almond butter (which we packed with us from home) and espresso. 

With the jaw dropping mountains before us, we happily sat in the warm sun, ate our food, and made a plan for the day. We decided we needed to get to our camp site in Les Prez so we could get ride of our big packs and really start exploring the area. Since Les Prez was only about a mile (probably less) away from Chamonix Center, we opted to walk and just wander.

Sunspots and all, still learning.

 Someone getting married and paragliding to boot.

Can't go wrong with these kind of views. Sitting in the courtyard area eating our breakfast.

 Bluebird skies and Mont Blanc.

 From left to right: Glacier des Nanatillons, Aigullede Blaitiere, Pointe Chevalier, Dent du Caiman, Dent du Crocodile, Aiguille du Plan, Aiguille des Deux Aigles (referring to the mountain peak/points in the photo).

 Strolling towards Les Praz

 A look back towards Mont Blanc. I wasn't sure if we would have great weather again so I took way too many photo's.

Les Drus
(I'm not 100% sure of this one but I think this is the name.)

Happy Trekkin'!