Friday, June 26, 2015

{Chamonix, France} Now That's a Sandwich!

Jambon et fromage = tres magnifique!

Man this was the best sandwich around in Chamonix. It just so happens that ham, cheese, and french fries on a baguette is the way to go. It was super tasty and super cheap. What more could you want?! 
Since Heinz and I were camping, we did a combination of eating out and buying from the local market to make up the majority of our dinners. Overall the food in Chamonix was pretty good except for one bad meal, but I blame that on myself for ordering a hamburger. Just so you know, red meat in France is usually prepared pretty rare. Too rare for my taste, but live and learn.

After hiking in search for FOOD!
Walking around town with Mont Blanc in the distance.

Total dig the wall grafiti art.

I think I'm happy we found that sandwich.

Happy Trekkin'!