Friday, May 29, 2015

{Villeneuve, Switzerland} Camping Isn't Camping

In celebration of Heinz turning 40, we headed off to Europe this past month for an epic adventure of exploration and hiking in the French and Swiss Alps. After flying into the Geneva airport, we hopped on a train that took us to a small town called Villeneuve. Villeneuve is located on the north-east part of Lake Geneva in the southern part of Switzerland. The language spoken is French and the food (at least the food we tried) was excellent. 

After many hours of travel the only thing that Heinz and I wanted to do was get to our campsite, set up our tent and crawl into our sleeping bags. When we arrived at the camping location, (Les Horizons Bleus), we were a bit confused and surprised by all of the small caravan's and mobile tent homes everywhere. When the camp owner showed us the space where we could set up our tent, it was literally hugged up between 6 other caravans and cars with electric cords running all over the ground. To call this sort of thing camping was a joke. Everyone had cars and campers and we were the one's that looked totally out of place with our backpacks full of everything we need and our tiny backpacking tent. We were definitely a show for all of the other "campers" there. 

After a semi brief conversation with the camp owner's, they allowed us to camp on a patch of grass in front of one of the empty canvas tent homes. It wasn't great but it was better than sleeping on electric cords and being next to loud generators. We set up our tent in silence and then decided to explore the town for some much needed food. The town itself was very warm and inviting but we new that after one night we would be moving on. That's the great part about camping, the reservations and plans are very flexible and make it easy to decide on something else if the circumstances aren't what you like. And that's just what we did. One night in Villeneuve and then on to Chamonix, France in the morning.

Happy Trekkin'!