Wednesday, March 4, 2015

{White Pine Backcountry} Birthday Shoots

It's been such a crazy winter in Utah, from the Spring like weather in February to some of the best powder we've had all season grace us with it's presence yesterday; this year's ski season has been bipolar at best. 

Last week Heinz & I took our ventures to the White Pine back country and made our way up a ridge that separates White Pine and Snowbird. We were really going for the exercise and not expecting to find any good snow to ski due to the unseasonably warm temps . At the top of the Birthday Shoots the snow was scratchy and I figured it would be survival skiing the whole way down. With a bit of luck on our side we found an awesome line of untouched powder in the tree's just off to the side of the Birthday Shoots that Heinz & I excitedly skied. With Heinz leading the way, all you could hear was the hoots and whoo-hoo's in the air from our excited mouths as we had lines of powder to ride. A unexpectedly awesome day.

The ridge that sperates Snowbird (left) and White Pine (right).

Looking down the Birthday Shoots.

White Pine Backcountry

Lunch spot.

Finishing up a fun day at the White Pine trailhead.

Happy Trekkin'!