Tuesday, March 31, 2015

{Everyday Life} March 2015

Whether you know me well or not, you probably know or have guessed how much I love shooting photo's and my absolute passion for photography. With that being said, I have a bunch of picture's that I take at random that don't really fit with my general hiking, adventure, and travel theme of this blog. They are really just moments in my day to day life that I capture and I figured that I would share them.

Heinz a few days after injuring his knee in a skiing accident.

My board loaded and ready to ride.

Goofy ski pass this year.

Dinner Prep

Using my Camelbak more and more these days.

Trouble: Ice cream with peanut butter and honey.

Heinz and his drum stick cone. (My favorite pic of the month.)

Our next adventure. Happy Birthday Heinz!

The place where I took photography classes this past month.


Iced coffee color block.

Heinz helping me finish my Tuesday Trifecta of weight lifting, snowboarding, and biking all in one day!

Happy Trekkin'!