Wednesday, February 25, 2015

{Moab, UT} Desert Camping

It has been crazy warm this winter here in Utah and with the low snow pack and mediocre ski season, it gave Heinz and I an excuse to get out of town and do a little hiking and camping in the desert. When you think of camping you might think of a favorite family past time that was usually held in the midst of the summer heat, surrounded by bugs and people. Camping during the winter time may seem like a daunting task but when you head to the desert, it can give you a whole new view. From the scarce amount of people, the mild temperatures during the day, and two National Parks so close together, getting down to Moab just made sense.

H & I opted to camp in one of our favorite spots in Moab, which is the Sandflats Recreation Area . It's really close to town but also far enough away that gives you plenty of peace and solitude. We had a few freezing nights and a crazy sand storm that nearly blew our tent down, but other than those little miss-hap's, it was a good time. One thing to note is that once the sun went down it was super cold (sometimes freezing with the windchill) and we were bundled to the gills. A hot fire kept us comfortable and made everything more enjoyable. I highly recommend getting in a little winter camping, specially with the warm winter temps.

Happy Trekkin'!