Friday, February 27, 2015

{Arches N.P.} Devils Garden

Devils Garden was the first hike that I ever did when visiting Arches National Park many years ago with Heinz and some friends. It's one of the longer hike in Arches (7-8 miles taking the Primitive loop trail and depending on the side hikes) but there's really nothing too it. All of the trails are well marked and are in great condition. There are a couple spots where climbing on top of fins are required but don't let that deter you. It's a great hike with amazing views. The real fun comes from taking all the little side trips and wondering around on the fins. So much exploring to do, it feels endless.

Landscape Arch

Partition Arch

Navajo Arch, Shot by Heinz Grunendahl

Black Arch

Double O Arch

Dark Angel

Private Arch

Views from the Primitive trail.

A sweet view of some of the awesome landscape in Arches National Park.

Get outdoors and explore Utah.

Happy Trekkin'!