Saturday, January 31, 2015

{Nevada Desert} Valley of Fire

Valley of Fire State Park is another must-see area that resides about an hour or so drive, north of Las Vegas. It's tucked away on the east side of the Nevada desert and the views will not leave you disappointed. Well worth the detour. We arrived at Valley of Fire, again on another time crunch, so we picked out a couple smaller hikes and tried to get the most out of this beautiful area. At first glace, Valley of Fire may seem a little ordinary and then all of a sudden these rich, red rocks seem to explode out of the mountains. The rich pigment in the rocks with the epic blue of the sky make for some colorful photo's.

Heinz & I ended up running down to the Fire Wave as well as walk the White Domes loop. Each trip was very easy walking (or running) and very short distances. One of my favorite parts was all of the amazing color in the rock. I bet we saw each color of the rainbow that was naturally in this beautiful sand stone. A great way to spend the afternoon or even camp for a night or two.

Can't wait to go back.

Happy Trekkin'!