Friday, December 5, 2014

{Snowboarding} First Turns of the Season

H & I made the decision to get season passes at Snowbird Resort this year instead of our usual got to, Brighton Resort. We definitely wanted to make up for some lost time last year with H being kind of out of commission with his shoulder surgery and me not riding nearly as much as I would have wanted to. 

In my opinion, Snowbird has some the steepest, longest, and best terrain around, so it's no wonder why we decided to throw down our money to play at this resort. I love Snowbird for many reason's but for one it's where H & I met so of course it's going to hold a little extra meaning for me than just sick pow. As of today, they only had a couple lifts going (Wilber and Peruvian) and of course the Tram which we got to ride due to the lack of chair lifts open, HOORAY! The snow was OK, not the best and not the worst and we surprisingly found a few pockets of powder but we definitely need more snow. It's been so warm lately but I'm very hopeful that we will have  a great season. 

We are both super stoked and thankful to be riding on this mountain and can't wait for more snow.

Happy Trekkin'!