Tuesday, November 18, 2014

{Kauai} SUPing from River to Ocean

Stand up paddle boarding (SUP) was something that H & I had never tried before but knew we wanted to take a crack at it while in Kauai. We found a local rental shop Dock Dynasty (Kayak Hanalei) located on the North Shore and were presently surprised with how reasonably priced it was to rent equipment as well as how helpful and friendly the service was. This family owned operation is top notch and so wonderful. We were able to rent our boards and paddles, get some helpful instructions and push off from the dock and into the Hanalei River all in one spot. It was so easy, no fuss just FUN! Dock Dynasty (Kayak Hanalei) even hooked us up when we wanted to take our boards to another beach and they did everything for us. These guys are the best and I would HIGHLY recommend renting with them.

H & I put our boards in the Hanalei River to start and made our way down the river and into Hanalei Bay. Let me tell you it is a night and day difference paddling from a calm river to the ocean. Those waves give you a run for your money and a great workout. After getting thrown off my board by a few waves I finally got the hang of it and simply loved every minute. I love learning new skills, specially when it comes to sports or recreating. 

After a few hours of paddling around the Bay we headed back to the dock and took our boards to Anini Beach where we were camping. Anini Beach is fantastic for SUPing because of how calm it is. We had several hours of fun exploring up and down Anini Beach as well as getting in some early morning paddling in. We also took the opportunity to explore Kalihiwai Bay as well as paddle up Kalihiwai Stream (it definitely got hard to paddle the further you went). All in all we had a blast SUPing and definitely got our money's worth. I hope to one day invest in a board and get out and explore spots here in Utah.

H & I paddling the Hanalei River.

And it started to rain.

Photo's shot by Heinz Grunendahl

Photo shot by Heinz Grunendahl
Paddling Kalihiwai Stream. 
Photo shot by Heinz Grunendahl
Another look at Kalihiwai Stream

Good morning from Anini Beach
Can you believe how calm the ocean is at Anini Beach? It's unreal - perfect for SUPing.
Photo shot by Heinz Grunendahl
Photo shot by Heinz Grunendahl
Photo shot by Heinz Grunendahl
We heart you SUP!

Happy Trekkin'!