Wednesday, November 12, 2014

{Kauai} Rainbows & Sunsets on Anini Beach

H & I were incredibly lucky to see and do some of the things we did in Kauai. Having full rainbows cast down on the beach your sleeping at is just one more amazingly beautiful thing about Kauai. We had a couple very epic evenings of every lasting sunsets with all of the color's in the rainbow (literally) going off. I feel so lucky and blessed to have witnessed and been in the midst of so much awesomeness on Anini Beach as well as other spots around the island. There is so much beauty in this world, we just have to stop and look around.

The photo's below are from a couple different evenings on Anini Beach where H & I camped the majority of our time on Kauai (and one of the best spots to camp in my opinion).

It was raining this particular evening as you can see it was hard to keep some of the rain drops off my lens.

Happy Trekkin'!