Wednesday, October 15, 2014

{Hiking Utah} Maybird Lakes

The upper Maybird Lake with the Pfeifferhorn standing tall in the background.

Yesterday was, yet again, another gorgeous Fall day, I couldn't think about spending it inside. I decided to hike up to Maybird Lakes because I had never hiked to them before but I have looked at them from several ridges and mountain peaks above. This trail is pretty straight forward as it starts from the White Pine trailhead in Little Cottonwood Canyon and follows the Red Pine Lake trail for about 2 miles before breaking off to the right (you will come to a bridge that will take you across another river) and continues into Maybird Canyon for an additional 1 3/4 miles. 
This is a pretty gradual hike that takes you up and around the mountain and steadily gets you to these little blue-green lakes with amazing jagged cliffs surrounding them. I think you have some of the steeper parts on the Red Pine trail, so it's a great one to check out. Maybird isn't as highly traveled as the very popular Red Pine and White Pine Lake trails but the trail is still pretty obvious. I had a bit of snow the majority of the way up to the lakes but I think it actually helped with my traction. No problems here.

I know this picture is dark but on the left is the Red Pine Lake trail on to the right is the bridge that you cross to take the Maybird Lakes trail.

Another part of the upper Maybird Lake.

The Pfeifferhorn

A look at the lower Maybird Lake.

Lower Maybird Lake

A little Fall color looking down Little Cottonwood Canyon.

What a great way to spend the afternoon on a perfect Fall day.

Happy Trekkin'!