Friday, October 3, 2014

{Kauai} Honopu Beach

Honopu Beach

Honopu Beach or what I like to call our private slice of paradise. Most people that hike/backpack the Kalalau Trail never take the time to actually check out Honopu Beach, which really baffles me. Honopu Beach is a sacred beach to the Hawaiian's so boats and kayaks are not allowed on the beach however, you can have them anchored in the ocean. It's rare to see people at Honopu Beach so it feels like you have your own private piece of heaven. Razor sharp mountains surround the beach and an archway leads to a refreshing waterfall and another strip of beach. Honopu Beach is really a special place.

Getting to Honopu Beach from Kalalau Beach requires a swim and if the the tide is too rough, I can see why it would discourage people from checking it out. H and I went over to Honopu on two different days. The first day being very calm and easy to swim, whereas the second day was pretty crazy, rough, huge waves, strong current, but still swim-able (for us) - it just took more effort and timing.

After swimming over to Honopu Beach, H and I walked down the beach and went through the large arch way that leads to another part of the beach. We spent a good portion of the day jumping off cliffs into the ocean, sitting in the sun, and exploring "our" private beach. Not a bad way to spend a few days of vacation.

To get over to Honopu Beach (by swimming) you have to walk to the end (the west end) of Kalalau Beach. From there you get in the ocean and start swimming. If the surf is really high, you can usually just wait it out. It's really all about timing so you don't get slammed on the shore by a wave. Once in the water you literally just swim around the corner. It took us less than 6 minutes to swim from Kalalau Beach to Honopu Beach. Easy breezy. Swimming to Honopu Beach all depends on your comfort level in the ocean and swimming abilities.
The west end of Kalalau Beach.

 This pic just represents both Kalalau and Honopu Beach.

 H testing out our cliff jumping spot for me.

 Looks good to me.

All photo's were shot with a GoPro by Heinz.

Here's our video of the swim from Kalalau Beach to Honopu Beach:

Happy Trekkin'!