Wednesday, October 1, 2014

{Kauai} Feels Like Home

At the beginning of September, H and I were lucky enough to go to Kauai again for a nice, long 17 day vacation. We chose to backpack and camp the whole time which made it super affordable to stay as long as we did. You really can't beat $3pp/per night to camp in Kauai. Plus, camping is more our style anyway, than a fancy and expensive resort. I will talk more about the details of camping, permits, and other things to "know before you go" later. Right now I am just going to share our first day.

Day 1: September 5th, 2014
We arrived in Kauai on a warm Friday afternoon and I immediately felt at home. I remember looking over at H and we both had the same goofy smile on our faces. It felt good to kind of know our way around and know what to expect. Our expectations were blown away yet again. It really is a place of endless beauty.
After picking up our car rental* we drove from Lihue all the way to Haena Beach Park on the North Shore, where we camped our first night. Haena Beach is the last and closest spot you can camp before the Kalalau Trail, which is the epic hiking/backpacking trail on the Na Pali Coast. There are other backpacker's camping at Haena Beach either getting off or waiting to start the Kalalau Trail as well as other campers and locals just hanging out. The biggest downside to camping at Haena Beach is that it has a lot more people (locals and visitors) than some of the other camping spots, so it can be a little crowded and noisy at night. Nonetheless, it's the best option for getting an early start on the Kalalau Trail.

*Side note: One big negative about Kauai - you really need a car (in my opinion) if want to get around fast and really explore the island. The bus system is slow (you're on island time bro) and we had beauty to see. If we were staying longer (at least a month), we wouldn't have rented a car. 

Haena Beach

Camping spot at Haena Beach Park, night 1.

Excited for what awaits us in the morning.

Happy Trekkin'!