Tuesday, October 7, 2014

{Kauai} Excitement on Kalalau Beach

When you are backpacking you can find the days to be very long when you are secluded on a beach but that never stopped H and I from having a blast. From swimming in the beautiful ocean, exploring sea caves, hanging over at Honopu Beach, running in and out of the waves, playing cards, taking photos, being silly, to lying in the sun, we kept ourselves occupied on Kalalau Beach. 

On Monday, September 8th, 2014, we had a bunch of cool things happen that made for a very memorable day. First off, H & I headed back to Honopu Beach for the 2nd day in a row, but on this particular day the sea was roaring. It was like night and day from the day before, but we made it there and back safe and sound. When we arrived back on Kalalau Beach we noticed that the waves crashing on shore were a lot bigger than in the morning and as the day went on they got bigger and bigger until they eventually flooded Kalalau Beach. H & I had found another camping spot the morning before, what I like to call prime real estate in the camping world. We were up on these cliffs that overlooked Kalalau Beach and perfect shade from the trees. Lucky for us, we stayed dry from the ocean pouring onto the beach but had a spectacular few.
Later in the afternoon, one of the campers next to us dislocated his hip while body surfing these huge waves and a helicopter came in for the rescue. Luckily it wasn't life threatening but there was no way this guy was able to walk, let alone hike the 11 miles back to civilization. Even though H & I felt bummed for the guy who got hurt, it was still cool to have a little excitement on Kalalau Beach that was out of the norm. 

Our epic camping spot on Kalalau Beach.

The view from our camping spot and Kalalau Beach before it became flooded.

Helicopter rescue.

From the pic you can see that the tide is creeping higher and higher onto Kalalau Beach.

I'm not sure how they fit everybody in that tiny heli, but they did.

Kalalau Beach underwater.

Photo: shot by Heinz Grunendahl

To top off this incredible day, we had the most epic sunset to date. It was so unreal. I will do a separate post on that because we have to many great pic's not to share, so stay tuned.

Happy Trekkin'!