Wednesday, October 8, 2014

{Kauai} Back to Haena Beach

After 3 nights on Kalalau Beach, it was time to hike back to civilization to our next camping spot which was Haena Beach Park again. We woke up crazy early on September 9th, packed up our gear, had breakfast, and proceeded hiking in the dark once again. It's seriously so nice getting a jump start on the day because once that Kauai sun hits you, it instantly feels 20 degree's hotter.

I had a bit of an incident at the 9 mile marker point and it went something like this: 
H & I had a river to cross, and usually I would just walk through the water due to that fact that I have trail shoes that dry super quick (Salomon Speedcross 3 - seriously guys I swear by these shoes for hiking, backpacking, & trail running - LOVE THEM and H loves them too! The grip is top notch, perfect for those slippery rocks, tree trunks, or uneven terrain.). 
For some reason I wanted to find a way to cross without going into the water. I wasn't thinking clearly, (call me a tired mess), but the route I was going was not good. H was already on the other side of the river and wanted to "help" me get across. He grabbed my arm and flung me across the particular section that I was stopped at and before I knew it I was face planting into a rock along with gashing my shin and splitting my knee open. It was painful for about 30 seconds, just the shock of it all but I was able to pull myself together and hike out the rest of the way with no problems. Nothing was broken (that happens later) and the bleeding had stopped so I was good. The lesson? Trust your instincts and don't try something new when your tired and not thinking clearly. The end.

H & I finishing the Kalalau Trail. 

All in all we made it back to Haena Beach pretty safe and were able to enjoy the rest of the day swimming, relaxing, and watching the beautiful sunset.

Happy Trekkin'!