Tuesday, October 7, 2014

{Exploring Utah} Silver King Mine at PCMR

Park City Mountain Resort (PCMR) is a place that H & I have been wanting to explore more of and last week we had the opportunity to do just that. With the perfect weather we have been having here in Utah, we had to get out and enjoy it. We started hiking on Jenny's Trail that gave us gorgeous views of the changing colors and continued up to the Silver King Mine. If you know H, you know that he loves anything to do with mines, old structure's and history, so naturally we stopped to check things out. We ended up going into one mine building (Silver King Coalition Mine Co.) that was incredibly huge, had several floors and still had original equipment inside. We spent a good chunk of time exploring each floor. It was pretty neat.

Gawwwwh, those sunspots! Still learning...

An old crapper.

No, this wasn't set up at all:) LOVE the color change.

This is the mine building that H & I explored. 

Happy Trekkin'!