Tuesday, October 28, 2014

{Backpacking Utah} Broads Fork

Last week H and I decided to do a quick over-night er up Broads Fork trail and camp in the beautiful meadow with epic views of Dromedary, Sunrise, and Twin Peaks. It was another beautiful fall evening when we marched up the trail and we were rewarded with some amazing color's in the sky as the sun set.
The following day we decided to hike up on a no-name ridge and take it to the boulder field where you can start to climb up to reach Dromedary Peak. The ridge was ruff and slow to climb, but we had some pretty sweet views of Lake Blanche in Big Cottonwood Canyon as well as Dromedary, Sunrise, and Twin Peaks that made it all worth it.
Man, we are totally getting spoiled this year in Utah with this incredible Fall weather, although I'm kind of itching to ride, so snow is welcome anytime in my book.

Staying warm and snuggled in my zero degree sleeping bag. 

 From left to right: A look at Dromedary Peak, Sunrise Peak in middle, and one of the Twin Peaks to the right.

 A look down Broads Fork.

 Sunrise Peak

Dromedary and Sunrise Peak

Happy Trekkin'!