Tuesday, August 12, 2014

{Hiking Utah} Kessler Peak to Carbonate Peak

Atop Kessler Peak. Shot by Heinz Grunendahl

H & I decided on a sunrise hike up to Kessler Peak and on a whim to take a different route down. Our alternative route was a scramble down the south side of Kessler, making our way under some cliffs and down to Carbonate Pass. Nothing really technical, just some slow, deliberate moves to ensure safety from slipping or falling. From Carbonate Pass, it was an easy walk up to Carbonate Peak with views that didn't disappoint. 

Getting up to Kessler, we took the North route to the summit, which is the quickest but steepest way to get to the peak. Just imagine being on a stair stepper for 2 1/4 miles. It's a great leg burner. You gain almost 3000 vertical feet in that mileage so ya, it's a climb. The top of Kessler is amazing. You are rewarded with beautiful views of the upper Big Cottonwood Canyon Peaks. When we arrived on top, the mountain was totally socked in. The clouds were rolling over Carbonate Pass. We were literally in the clouds. I didn't think we were going to get a good sunrise at all, but then it happened. The light happened and it was awesome. You just never know what the weather will do at 10,403 ft. 

Good morning 4:15am - starting early for that sunrise.

H atop Kessler Peak

Love seeing the golden light.

A look at Kessler Peak from Carbonate Pass

Two kids on a mountain high.

Kessler Peak from Carbonate Peak

Atop Carbonate Peak. Shot by Heinz Grunendahl

For more info about Kessler Peak, check it out here:

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