Monday, March 10, 2014

{Colombia} La Victoria Coffee Farm

When Amber and I arrived in Minca, we new right away that we wanted to tour a local coffee farm. La Victoria came highly recommended so we made our way, with various detours, and had a wonderful experiences seeing the process of coffee, from beginning to end. It was really neat to see a place that still used originally machinery and takes great pride in their business. We were lucky enough to meet the owner and chat with him a bit about the process and history. I can't tell you how amazing the coffee is. Fantastic. I have never tried anything better. 

Getting to La Victoria was half the fun. We decided to walk to the coffee farm and take a few detours along the way. This made for a very eventful day. [Side note: Most people take mototaxi's to La Victoria's as it is a long walk, but walking is much more fun.]

 Pozo Azul
Photo shot by Amber Walker

Funny story behind the "birders". When we were staying in a hostel in Santa Marta, we were striking up conversation with two young(er) girls who had already been to Minca. We were asking what they did, how they liked it and so on. One of the girls said that they spent several days bird watching. Now birds are cool and all but really? Bird watching... for several days? I didn't know that bird watching was a thing and apparently, Minca is the place to do it. When Amber and I were making our way to the coffee farm, we almost died with laughter when we saw this "birder" group. Yup, I guess it is a real thing. It made for many great laughs.

Amber with the owner of La Victoria.

Photo shot by Amber Walker

The beans drying out in the hot sun.

This is the actual roasting process of the coffee bean.

One thing that surprised me was that most of the Colombian coffee that is grown, harvested, and processed right here, is exported out of the country. When you go into a typical coffee shop (except for the really fancy ones) you don't get the glorious Colombian coffee, but rather some cheap imitation stuff. 

Touring La Victoria was a great experience. I really had no idea how much work and effort goes into producing such a high quality product. It was neat to see the coffee bean in all different stages. From start to finish. Awesome. We were even given free coffee samples and of course I bought a few bags of this caffeinated goodness to bring home. So good.

Wow, my Colombian trip recap is almost coming to an end. Stick around for our last day of adventures in Colombia. It involves a boat, some sand, and  some unbelievable beauty.

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Happy Trekkin'.