Monday, February 10, 2014

{Taganga} It Pays to be with German's

This is most of our group with Bernardo (the man who rented us his place).
Fish, coconut rice and fried plantains were staples.
If there was a kitchen, we were cooking.
One of our many "family dinner's".
The beach
After spending a few days in Cartagena, we were all excited to get out of the city and head for Taganga. Taganga is a small beach town tucked away in a bay surrounded by desert mountains. The town itself has it's own charm, but don't expect to find white sandy beaches here. The beach is small and dirty - not very inviting if you ask me. Fortunately it didn't hold us back from having a great time.
When we arrived in Taganga, we didn't have reservations so we were kind of going on a whim. When we walked into the town, we realized right away that the odds were not in our favor for finding a place due to the fact that there were 7 of us and that it was a holiday weekend for most locals. The streets were littered with people, literally. 
To our luck, we stumbled upon a man (Bernardo, a Persian man who liked German's - score!) who said that he would rent out his entire (2nd) home to us for a reasonable charge. It was awesome because this 3 story house was beautiful, clean, had real showers, a very handy kitchen, and a sweet balcony that overlooked the bay. It was perfect. We agreed on a price and stayed for two nights. It was such a nice change from the crappy hostels we had been in, I almost didn't want to leave.
Next up, Tayrona National Park.
Until next time,
Happy Trekkin'.