Saturday, February 15, 2014

{Colombia} Tayrona Park

Shot by Amber Walker
Tayrona National Natural Park is a precious stretch of land, where the jungle meets the beach not far from Santa Marta. It is filled with numerous plants, trees, spiders, several different beaches and even monkeys if you're lucky enough to see one.
Ants carrying leaves. So neat.
Shot by Amber Walker
He was creepy.
It's hard to see - but can you spot the monkey?
Shot by Amber Walker
Shot by Amber Walker
Amber and I decided to take off earlier than the rest of our group, so we could take advantage of our day. We jumped into a packed 4x4 that took us to the beginning of the trail head where the real fun began.
From the start we were surrounded by lush greenery, thick, dense plants and trees for miles. The trail that we took was very well maintained and easy to follow. After you hike out the jungle towards the coast, you encounter at least four different beaches. I wouldn't necessarily call this a hike, but more like a long walk. It was very family friendly and if you can handle a little heat, it should be no problem.
 It was nice having a good chunk of the trail in the jungle, protecting us from the sun because boy was it brutally hot. The humidity didn't help either but a nice dip in the ocean made it all worth it.
 We opted to hike in one way and then take a boat back to Taganga where we were staying. The boat ride was an adventure in itself because we left in the dark and could barely see a thing. It was fun and adventurous and I didn't even get sea sick. It was a great way to spend the day from jungle life to hanging on the beach. We did it all.
Until next time,
Happy Trekkin'.