Thursday, February 20, 2014

{Colombia} Costeno Beach

Shot by Amber Walker
[Eva, Amber, me, & Laura - jam packed into a truck, heading for Costeno Beach.]
After a few days in Taganga and a full day's adventure in Tayrona Park, we parted ways with a few friends (Felix and Chris) and the rest of us (Amber, Eva, Laura, Dominick & I) made our way to Costeno beach.
Yeah, just a little excited. Shot by Amber Walker
Shot by Amber Walker
Shot by Amber Walker
Shot by Amber Walker
Costeno Beach is a very beautiful and secluded beach that interests with a calm river on the Caribbean coast. The beach itself is littered with driftwood and the waves crash the shore with pure fierceness. I don't think I have ever been in the ocean with such strong currents before. If you are not a strong swimmer, I wouldn't recommend getting in the water at all. It was powerful.
Since we didn't have reservations (again), we were pressing our luck and hoping to stay at a "surf camp" hostel that was the only cheap accommodations around. When we arrived, the only spot left for sleeping was a skateboarding ramp. Yes, you read that right, we slept on a couple flimsy mattresses in a skateboarding ramp. At first I was like - really - we are really doing this, but then I realized it didn't really matter as long as we had mosquito nets and it was semi comfortable. It ended up working out great and being a fun experience.
While on Costeno Beach we swam, read, lounged, surfed, played volleyball and had a couple days of pure nothingness. It was awesome. I was always up with the sunrise which made for beautiful light and a little time to myself. There is nothing more enjoyable then waking up to the first light touching down on the cold sand, highlighting everything around and the sound of the ocean waves crashing in the background. It is wonderful, beautiful, and very peaceful.
We had a great time at Costeno Beach and was definitely a highlight of the trip thus far.
Stay tuned for our trek to Ciudad Perdida (The Lost City).
Until next time,
Happy Trekkin'.