Wednesday, January 29, 2014

{Colombia} Cartagena, Part 1

Our first hostel all together.
Juliette and the Germans - great people.
Just outside the Walled City.
Me and one of my best girlfriends, Amber. Shot by Amber Walker
You are more likely to find a cerveza then water when walking around the streets.
The girls - Amber, Laura, & Eva
Lucky naked lady.
Looking for a sarong. [Some lady was handing out these fans - genious!] Photo by Amber Walker
I can't remember what these were called but they were like potato cakes with cheese inside. My friends loved these, but they weren't really my thing, which was weird. Who wouldn't want potato and cheese?!
After meeting up with my friends in Cartagena, we checked into our "eco-friendly" hostel (it was kind of a shit hole but cheap and fairly clean) and set off for the walled city.
During the colonial times, the walled city was a fortress that housed political and economical affairs of the wealthy Spanish people. As you wander the streets you will find many old buildings, businesses, people selling anything and everything, churches, restaurants, and a lively night life that exists in the walled city today. As you can see from my photo's, I can never get enough of the colored walls and buildings. Color just makes the simplest things beautiful (in my opinion).
OK, so I have at least another post (maybe two) to talk/visually share about Cartagena,
so bare with me.
Hope everyone has a great week and until next time,
Happy Trekkin'.