Saturday, September 21, 2013

{Mexico} Hittin' The Streets

Aside from the obvious swimming, snorkeling, and catching some rays, Heinz and I wanted to explore the town of Zihuatenajo by foot. We headed out for the "down town" area and the main pier in town. We meandered through several different shops and local eateries with ease and assurance, no issues here. Yes, we were stopped a few times by locals wanting to sell us something (everyone has to make a living), but for the most part the people where nothing but friendly and welcoming. Heinz made a few friends along our adventure to town.
The big purchase of the day was a sarong that I bought. I love sarongs. I feel like they are essential in any beach area. We are not huge into purchasing "souvenirs" at all. The sarong and a piece of jewelry were the only things to possibly buy on my list, other than that, I feel as though our photos and our experiences is what makes our trip..
As you can see from Heinz's shirt, we were sweating bullets. SOOOO HOTTT!!!
Until next time,
Happy Trekkin'.