Monday, September 16, 2013

{Mexico} The Grub

While Heinz and I were in Mexico, two main concerns of ours were the drinking water (obviously) and the food quality. No one wants to get sick on vacation and we wanted to take any precautions necessary. We found a market (Commercial Mexicana) and stocked up on a ton of water and other essentials to keep our costs low. At our hotel, if we ordered water, it was like 8 US dollars. No thanks, it was cheaper to buy beer. Other than the beverage issue, Heinz and I were pleasantly surprised with all of the great food we devoured.
Our first meal was right around lunch time and boy did we have an appetite. Fish taco's for me and Heinz settled on the chicken taco's. Excellent.
 This dinner was actually my least favorite dinner, but the dessert made up for it.
 At one place we ate at, the chief cooked this amazing banana dessert dish right at our table. It was so amazing, like sweet mouthwatering bliss.
Just a little snack in our room.
 Fruit shots from our hotel.
 And how could we not get the fresh catch of the day - an assortment of lobster, octopus, and prawns to share. Definitely one of the more outstanding dishes we tried.
Breakfast was on the house and incredible every morning. They always had fresh rolls, butter, and homemade jams along with your breakfast of choice (so many delicious decisions). Oh and the OJ was AMAZING. So fresh. I was very fond of the breakfast burritos and all the sauces they had to smother them with. So, so good.
Just writing this post is making me hungry.
I hope everyone is doing well and having a lovely week.
Until next time,
Happy Trekkin'.