Thursday, September 5, 2013

Hola Amigos y Familia

Hey guys, it's been one crazy month for me and it's nice that things are settling down a bit. I have so many trips and good times to share, so I am going to kick off with our (Heinz & I) trip to Zihuatanejo Mexico first.
We set off from SLC on a red eye flight that was supposed to take us from LA to Mexico City (or so I thought) and then onto Zihuatenajo. Little did we know that we had this very surprising detour through Guadalajara. So surprised in fact when we were trying to find our gate with the ticket agent, we were like, we are in Mexico City right? The ticket agent looked at us, laughed and said, "No you are in Guadalajara and your flight to Mexico City is leaving in 15 minutes." Panic set in as Heinz and I rushed through security (which is a lot faster to get through than the U.S. airport security) and ran our hearts out to catch the bus that was taking us to our plane (located on the tarmac).
Stressful, yes. Funny, you bet - especially once we made it on our plane. 
Shots of Guadalajara from the airplane.
Mexico City
Zihuatenajo is a little fishing town off the Pacific Coast and located northwest of Acapulco. It is filled with beautiful beaches, good food, and friendly people. If you are into fishing, snorkeling, or just hanging in the sun, Zihuatenajo is the place for you.
Once we made it to Zihuatenajo we were both tired but excited to see what this little town had to offer. Let the adventure's begin.
Until next time,
Happy Trekkin'.