Saturday, August 24, 2013

{Hiking} Red Stack

Heinz and I did this hike well over four weeks ago, but with traveling and working and living, I never got around to talking about it until now.
Red Stack is located on the American Fork and Little Cottonwood divide ridge, also known as the "Divide Trail". You can access it via Snowbird in Little Cottonwood Canyon. To make the hike a lot quicker, you can take the tram up to Hidden Peak and start from there.
On this particular day, Heinz and I hiked from the bottom of Snowbird on the Peruvian Ridge, bypassed Hidden Peak and headed for the knife ridge that leads up to the American Fork Twin peaks. Once you get through the knife ridge and atop the east American Fork Twin, continue on the ridge toward the west twin peak. Follow the ridge to the next peak which is Red Stack. It is obvious due to the red/brown coloration of the rocks. From this view you can see several other peaks, White Pine Lake, and even the valley floor.
Hiking on the ridge - Snowbird
A look at the knife ridge (on the way back down). You can see the top of the tram in the distance.
Hiking up to the east American Fork Twin peak.
Atop Red Stack
Heinz atop of Red Stack with the American Fork Twins in the background.
Just another day in our playground.
Until next time,
Happy Trekkin.'