Tuesday, July 16, 2013

{Trekkin Tuesday's} "Good Luck"

Last week, Heinz and I were out on a mission - to hike the Cottonwood Ridge from Grizzly Gulch to Cardiff Pass. Once you get on the ridge it's really no big deal, but the closer you get to Cardiff Pass, the once mellow trail turns into cliffs on all sides. Getting down can be an issue for some, like the guy we ran into that had turned around and said that getting down to Cardiff Pass couldn't be done. After chatting with this guy, I had no doubt that we WOULD find a way down and his doubtful, "Good Luck" to us made us even more determined.
Heinz and I reached a pinnacle where it was long, steep cliffs on all sides and a lot of exposure. We took things slow and found a safe route down. Luckily, Heinz brought a rope to assist our efforts which came in handy when we were climbing down a particular sketchy part. We made it to Cardiff Pass with no issue and we were even more excited just for the fact that the guy doubted it and us.
Good Luck, didn't need it but it's always nice to have it.
Until next time,
Happy Trekkin'.