Wednesday, May 8, 2013

{VEGAS} Girls Only

Hey guys, I'm back from a fun filled weekend in Vegas and as you can see, my girlfriends and I had a ball. The weekend was filled with sunshine, swimming, shopping, shows, and just an all around good time. I haven't had a girls weekend/trip in ages, so it was a real treat to be able to do this. (Heinz is one amazing husband - note the shopping money and other goodies he got for me. Love him.)
We started the weekend off right by hitting the Fashion Mall for a little shopping, followed by a yummy sushi dinner. Later, we made our way over to the Bellagio where we caught the water show and then made our way into Hyde, which is a bar/club where you can watch the water show and listen to live music. Out of all the bars/clubs we went to, I think this was my favorite because it was just a lot more low key but still awesome (plus we got FREE drinks).
The following morning (Friday) I was up bright and early before my girlfriends, so I took the opportunity to check out the hotel (the MGM - woot, woot) and hit the Spa/Gym to get a workout in. I originally went to the "cardio room", but when I saw that it was literally a cardio room only (not weights) I decided to book it over to the spa so I could get my lift on. (Side note: I am trying to get into body building, hence the need for weights).
After a morning filled with exploring and lifting, my girlfriends and I made our way to the Wynn pool. If you've ever been to the Wynn, well then you know it's luguary and very high class. One of my girlfriends had an old key to the pool, so we were able to swim with all the high rollers. It was an experience and I think that this pool has ruined me for other pools. It was super nice to say the least.
Later that night, we had tickets to see Tiesto (well known DJ) at Hakkasan, a new club that had just opened in the MGM. The music was awesome and it was just fun. I think I liked the getting ready part with my girlfriends more than the actual club. I'm not a huge club person, but the music was fantastic.
Saturday morning I did the Las Vegas Race for the Cure 5K - Yes mom, that was all for you. It was fun because there was a huge crowd, all there for the same cause, oh and did I mention the free stuff. Sweet! A fun morning.
After the race I met my girlfriends at the pool for some more rest and relaxation in the perfect weather. We had the not too hot but still warm enough kind of weather. It was wonderful. Later that night we headed back to the Wynn for a show called, Le Reve. It was simply beautiful. If you ever get a chance to see a show in Vegas, I highly recommend it. It's an experience and worth the money. 
Sunday was a total lazy day of pool time and packing up to fly back home. It was a great girls trip and hope that we can have more of those time together. Maybe next time we will bring the guys;)
Until next time,
Happy Trekkin'.