Tuesday, April 30, 2013

{Paris} King's & Queens & Painted Ceilings, Part 1

This was my favorite room. Gorgeous. 
The Palace of Versailles stands big and gloriously in the city of Versailles. Upon approaching the Palace, you get the sense that there were many strong amazing people that graced the halls and imprinted there mark on history. I will tell you one thing, I'm always amazed with those French King and Queens because they have wonderfully indulgent tastes and they know how to decorate. It's like, go big or go home. From the moment you step inside the Palace, you are truly on sensory overload. There is so much beauty and detail all around, it is hard to focus on just one thing. From the sculptures, to the paintings, to the chandlers, to the huge ceiling murals, it's way too much, but I love it! Every room has something unique and special about it. It is truely wonderful.

Until next time,
Happy Trekkin'.