Saturday, March 23, 2013

{Hiking} Early Bird's

 SLC valley - still sleeping.
 Heinz shinning his headlamp towards me.
Heinz and I are both early riser's partly by nature and partly by our jobs that require early starts. The good thing about this is that we are able to get up super early and start our day. On this particular morning, we were hiking by 5:30am. We had in mind to hike to a point (Mt. Olympus saddle) and watch the sunrise. We made it to said destination in time for the sunrise, the only problem was that a storm was creeping in, so the colors were very scarce at best. It was still an adventure and beautiful none the less. Just being out there is all I need. 
My favorite photo of the day is the one of Heinz laughing (the last photo shown). It is kind of a blurry shot, but he was genuinely laughing and I just love it. The best part about my weekends are him. I am so excited for our adventure's this year and can't wait to share more.
Until next time,
Happy Trekkin'.