Saturday, January 19, 2013

Waimea Canyon & Kalalau Lookout

Did you think I had forgotten about our Kauai trip? Nope, never. There are still a few more pic's and adventure's that I want to share from our Kauai trip, so if you are sick and tired of Kauai, then you probably won't want to continue reading.
The West Shore of Kauai is the hot spot for overlooks. Here you will find every tour bus known to man. I would have to say that going into Waimea Canyon was the most touristy thing that Heinz and I did on our entire trip. You can't help but join in because the views are just spectacular.
Nihau - "Island of Yesterday" is 17 miles southwest of Kauai and owned by the Robinson family. This is a private island and not accessible to visitors. There are still over 200 inhabitants left on Nihau. Man oh man, what I would give to know the Robinson's (but then again they could be huge douche bags, so maybe not).
Kalalau Lookout
Can you believe that we camped on that tiny piece of beach that you can barely see? It's neat to think that we were all the way down there beach bumming our mary way.

And you know I always find a flower or two. I can't resist!
I really think that these flower's look like butterfly's. Anyone else think so?
This trail had ferns galore!

We were in Kauai during the dry season. Can you imagine what these mountains would look like with a little more rain?
 The mountains here are so gorgeous!
I miss our tan's and that warm weather and the beach and the mountains and, well you get it.

Ah, what a great day.

Until next time,
Happy Trekkin'.