Sunday, January 27, 2013

{Kauai} Shhh, It's Top Secret

I'm talking about Secret Beach on Kauai's north shore guys. OK, well it's obviously not that secret if Heinz and I found it but it does have that deserted beach kind of feel.
Man was this beach gorgeous and secluded.
This beach is terrible for snorkeling because the water is so rough. We couldn't help but bring our gear, ya know, just in case. 

We need our sunglasses. Can't see.
Getting to Secret Beach takes a little patience and energy due to the small trek from where you park. If your expecting to just drive up and be at the beach well think again. Getting here takes a bit of effort, but it is worth it. It is always worth it, but I'll leave the getting there up to you! 
Until next time,
Happy Trekkin'.