Saturday, December 22, 2012

Voyage de filles vers Paris

Today is my mom's 65th birthday - HAPPY, HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM!!! And in light of the last year and a half (cancer you jerk face), my mom and I are celebrating her birthday in style.
Girls trip to Paris!
WHA HOO! My mom and I are taking off in January and heading to beautiful, romantic, and fashionable Parie. I have never been and can't wait to see it, feel it, & smell it. My mom speaks french fluently and has a great love for all things french and Europe in general. This has been a bucket list thing for me to do with my mom for so, so long and now we are finally doing it. YES, YES, YES!
Happy Birthday Mom! I couldn't ask for any mom better than you. I hope this next year is much, much better. We are getting a great start;) Love you.
Until next time,
Trekking heureux.