Thursday, December 20, 2012

Kauai Highway Shots

In Kauai, its kind of a must to rent a car, unless you have endless time to wait...
Throughout our trip, we were constantly pulling over to take photos or just soak in the sights. Everywhere you look is beautiful. It's hard to be the driver.
Here are some of our shots from the road.

No, it wasn't windy out. Weird :)

These tree's remind me of tree's that you may see in Africa. I don't know from experience (one day though), but it just feels like they would be there.

An old green church. Love the stained glass.
Oh, just a endless row of palms. East shore.
When Heinz & I pulled over to take this pic and a women who was walking stopped and started complaining that here husband wouldn't take her anywhere and they didn't rent a car. As we pull out onto the main road, this women starts screaming at us to wait for her and give her a ride. It all happened so quick, but the feeling didn't mesh with us and it didn't feel right. Yes, we took off from a women screaming at us, but you never know. Even in Kauai, there are crazies.
School - Man, that would of been sweet to go to school here. Well actually, I don't think I would go to school. Would you?

The great rooster scandal. No, apparently a hurricane or storm or something brought all these roosters and chickens to the island.

Yeah! Now that's a sunset.
Even shots from the road empress.
Until next time,
Happy Trekkin'.