Sunday, October 7, 2012

Our First 12 Hours In Kauai

Hi there. Since it is taking Heinz and I a while to go through over 3,000 photos and video from our Kauai trip, I thought I would write about our experiences during the first 12 hours in Kauai.
We arrived in Kauai about 6 in the evening, just in time to see the colors light the sky of what most likely was an amazing sunset.
When we were planning this trip, we wanted to be able to spend as much time as possible (and affordable) in Kauai, so we had arranged to do a week of backpacking and camping, followed by a week in luxury, resort living, courtesy of my in-laws (who are the best and most generous people around).
We knew that our first day was going to be rough. From traveling most of the day and getting into a 'new to us place' late, we were confident that this wouldn't faultier our plan.
 Rule #1 for traveling - Be flexible.
After we snagged our bags and picked up our rental car, we had arranged to leave a bag a regular, non-backpacking essentials with the hotel where we were going to stay at the following week. Unfortunately, we had to drive in the opposite direction of where our camp site was that night which, normally isn't a big deal, but when you are tired, hungry, grouchy, and it's dark and raining, it seems like the biggest pain ever. I remember looking over at Heinz and saying, "It would be so nice to stay in a hotel tonight." Of course that thought of action was very short lived as how it wasn't in the plan or budget.
Like I said before, we were back tracking our way from the hotel on the south shore of Kauai to our campsite on the north shore, when it started to rain. Now of course we were expecting rain, it's an island and the wettest place on earth, but there is something about being tired and not being able to see your surroundings that make things worse than they really are.
At this point, we wanted to stop and grab a good dinner, because the next morning we would be backpacking the Na Pali Coast, which meant dehydrated meals for 4 days. Since it was late at night, any restaurants that we had hoped for (something amazing and authentic) were not open. So our grandiose dinner that night was a couple of black bean burritos from Taco Bell. Yup, that's right, we were in Kauai sitting in a fast food restaurant thinking, "Really? Taco Bell." At this point we had been up for 20 hours, so we got over the fact that is wasn't our first, second, or even fiftyth choice.
Driving through the darkness and rain, we got to the north shore and at our camp site without too much fuss. We had been up for over 22 hours and due to our sleepiness and being aware of our long day ahead, we opted not to set up our tent that night. Instead, Heinz laid down a tarp on the grass and we curled up in a sheet. All I could think of that night of very restless sleep was, 
"Welcome to Kauai."
And that my friends was a long 12 hours.
Until next time,
Happy Trekkin'.