Saturday, October 27, 2012

Exploring Kalalau Beach

The next few days on Kalalau Beach were filled with swimming, hiking, and exploring the beauty that surrounded us.

 A look at Kalalau Beach from the ocean.

 One word - YA!

During the early morning hours all the crabs take over the beach and just dig, dig away.

This waterfall was our water source for filtering water to drink and cook with. It was so nice having water so close by.

Ya, we got it. The mountains and cliffs are no joke in Kauai.

Exploring the whole Kalalau Beach was amazing. It seemed like every corner there was some type of cave or amazing view. Here we ran into a sea cave with several carins, which are rocks stacked on top of one another. They are used as a guide when hiking on a trail.
And of course we made our own carin.

We explored several different sea caves, but one in particular was a fresh water cave.
Looking out from inside the cave.

The water was about arm pit deep and icy cold.

 Looking in from outside the cave.

From exploring sea caves to swimming in that magnificent, blue/green pacific ocean , there is more to come with our hike up to Big Pool.

Until next time,
Happy Trekkin'.